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Orion’s Rayne:

Installs sprinkler systems and irrigation systems in the New Caney and Kingwood areas.  Installation of you new lawn sprinkler usually can be completed in one afternoon.

Why does Orion’s Rayne install outdoor sprinlker systems 

kids in the sprinkler installed in Kingwood Tx by Orions Rayne Outdoor Sprinkler Installations Company
children playing in the sprinkler system on a sunny day

in the New Caney and Kingwood areas?

To give the gift of time

I have twin boys who are completely different from each other but they are one unit, all at the same time.  They love to eat, they love playing in the mud, and they love to love. They both have red hair, just like their Daddy, and don’t tell her I said this but… they have their momma’s temper.

I bet your kids, if you have them are the absolute center of your world, and if you’re lucky enough to have a couple like I have then your life is amazing and you can’t spend enough time with them.  If they day had enough time in it to begin with. -RIGHT!

When I started Orion’s Rayne, my website guy asked me why I was going into business and what value did I offer?

To me the answer was obvious.  I work in the plants just like many of you.  I get home late, I work shift work, and I have a couple hours of windshield time in a day.  I wanted to pay my bills and still see my boys. I wanted time to fish with them, and throw the ball, or get all messy with cake at the 13th birthday party, just today, lol.

I wanted… more time, and I am willing to trade in exchange for a good quality sprinkler system.  I have the systems, and Kingwood and New Caney families have an obvious need. I trade my commute to work everyday, and serve these communities with water for their lawns.


Time.  It’s the one thing that we never get more of.  We are granted a certain number of minutes on this Earth with our loved ones, as we know em. He said’

“If you want something, and it’s really important to you, you have to give it away.”

“That’s what you you’re offering, Tony”, he said.  You’re are offering families, mom’s and dad’s, more time.”  He walked over to the window and he looked outside, and wouldn’t you know there were some kids getting off of the bus, and parents there to greet them.Then he said “you see that?  You see that lady wrestling the garden hose, she just missed one of her favorite moments of the day, and maybe of her little girl’s life.”

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Orionsrayne.com serving Kingwood Tx and New Caney, Tx. Smart Sprinklers and traditional sprinkler installation available. Commercial and Residential.

Orion’s Rayne will keep your lawn watered, and keep you from wrestling with the garden hose, when you’d rather be meeting little Linda at the bus.  In return we are trading in our two hour commute for dinners, and bath time with the boys.

Orionsrain.com / OrionsRayne.com Highlights:

  • Fair, honest pricing.  
  • Hunter Sprinklers
  • Rainbird Sprinkler Systems
  • Smart Sprinkler Conversion
  • Smart Sprinkler and Irrigation System Installation
  • Single Family Homes
  • Multi Family Homes
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Churches
  • Shopping Centers
  • Farm / Ranch

Buy More Time

Schedule a no cost lawn sprinkler evaluation to see if you qualify for an automatic sprinkler system.  If you qualify, buy more time when you automate your lawn.

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